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Hydrofoil : this object has always fascinated me!


For 15 years, I practice it, think it, design it.

In 2021, this new family adventure begins with the Allure brand. ​


A French brand designed, developed and manufactured in our workshop in France until the end of 2022.


In 2023, with the brand's growth and growing demand, manufacturing will now be carried out in a European factory specializing in high-end carbon parts.


This choice is fully assumed and allows us to improve manufacturing quality and offer you what we believe to be the best at a competitive price. ​


This also allows us to free up more time to devote ourselves to development and to offer you ever more successful products.


Our projects will always be driven by the desire to push the limits of design, materials and performance.


Anxious to bring you full satisfaction with our hydrofoils, your opinion, your feedbacks are essential and are for us the best way to evaluate and improve our products. ​


Martin & Emily.

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