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Frequently Asked Questions

• Why are ALLURE foils no longer made in France?

The brand being in growth, we want to focus more on the development and communication of our products.

Design, prototyping and development will always remain in France.

Manufacturing is delegated to a European partner specializing in high-end composite parts. This allows us to improve manufacturing quality while maintaining competitive prices.

• What's new compared to the 2022 model?

- Masts: construction is now high modulus, while retaining the existing thinness and profile. The result is a top-of-the-range mast, with an unequaled stiffness-glide ratio on the market.

- Fuselages: the Titanium - Carbon fuselage is unchanged. We integrate an aluminum fuselage in our range. Made in Europe, this fuselage is machined from the finest aluminum. Its anodization is deep and of high quality, guaranteeing excellent longevity.

- Wings / Stabs: the DISCO wing range as well as the stabilizers are the result of extensive development in wingfoil & surf foil and are the great novelty of this ALLURE 2023 foil.

- Plate: The plate has been thickened and has additional holes. The plate/board connection is now M8.

• What are the differences between the 37 WING & 37 SURF stabilizer?

These two stabilizers share the same outline and the same dihedral. However :

- The 37 SURF was developed specifically for SURF FOIL & DOWNWIND practices. Its profile is thin while having a lot of lift at low speed. The result is propulsive, efficient pumping with maximum glide.

- The 37 WING was developed especially for a WING FOIL practice. The profile used is the perfect compromise between glide, lift and control at high speed. It will also be very effective in pumping to connect the swell in freefly.

• Pourquoi les gammes Freeride et Glide ont-elles disparu?

La gamme DISCO a été pensée puis développée pour allier accessibilité et performance.

Ces DISCO ont un meilleur glide que les FREERIDE tout en ayant une glisse similaire.

Leur maniablité est accrue, ce qui leur confère d'excellentes capacités pour performer. D'où l'absorption des deux gammes.

Cependant le développement ne s'arrête jamais chez ALLURE et soyez certains que de nouvelles choses arriveront dans le courant 2023.

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